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    Our hotel was born out of the passion and desire to create and share a unique yet welcoming place where nature meets luxury. The location we chose in Tuscany was essential for bringing a sense of calm, relaxation and well-being and has enabled us to transport you far away from the stresses of the outside world. In fact, we felt an immediate spiritual connection to this place that inspired an internal seed which, with love and passion, grew into the Borgo Santo Pietro that our guests enjoy today. With a 13th century villa at its heart, our hotel is a haven where people can come to celebrate a special occasion or to simply enjoy a taste of heaven. Nestled in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, luxury knows no limits.

    Hospitality coupled with an environment where clarity of mind and food for the soul are abundant. The land is not only stunningly beautiful, but rich and fertile and provides us with a bounty of organic vegetables, herbs and even honey which our kitchen transforms into culinary delights. Set on a working farm, the villa is bathed in the beauty of its surroundings – an exquisite jewel.

    Our definition of luxury is attention to detail, unsurpassed friendly service and unique experiences in a comfortable yet stylish setting. We have taken inspiration from our own personal travels and observations, pinpointing the very details that make the difference between a 5 star hotel and “The Borgo Experience”.

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    Superior Rooms

    Giardin dè Fiori

    The feminine Giardin de Fiori room draws the outside in, paying homage to Borgo’s enchanting gardens.

    In the main room, the antique desk bathed in light and scent inspires romantic written word, whilst in the bathroom relish in a long soak, watching butterflies dance over the flower garden.

    San Galgano

    The religious history of the Abbey of San Galgano depicted in the hand painted mural, along with antique writing desk, and bed upholstered in gold silk velvet, all work together to create a feeling of restful grandeur in this room.

    The bathroom, complete with sandstone vanity unit, bath and shower, benefits from views across the courtyard.

    Sir Vincent

    The mural and views blend into each other in the intimate Sir Vincent room, green and gold shine warmly around you and over the Tuscan hills.

    Villa Suites

    Via del Pellegrino

    This bright room gazes upon the ancient path that Pilgrims walked en route to Rome. Pale colours, antique silks and lushcious velvet upholstery make a tranquil setting in which to view the hand painted mural depicting the pilgrims’ epic journey.

    Walk through french doors to a spacious bathroom, filled with light flooding through tall windows. Find sactuary as the Pilgrims did, as they washed themselves clean before departing for San Galgano.

    Studio Badia

    The majestic Badia mountain beside Borgo lends its name to this cosy room.

    Withdraw from the main house to find peace amongst the golden hue, library of antique books, globe and 18th century maps that create a sense of history.

    As did best-selling author Titania Hardie, when she retreated to write her latest novel, House of the Wind. Perhaps she wrote beside the rare Bordeaux marble fireplace, like those found at the Royal palace of Marseille, inspired by the regal setting.

    Rinaldo di Sorciano

    Located in the main Villa on the ground floor, Throw open the french doors opening out to the courtyard, inviting the unmistakable scent of roses to greet you good morning, or wish you good night. In 1252 the former local resident Rinaldo Pievano di Sorciano held court at Borgo Santo Pietro and is famous for selling our church, St Pietro e Cellole, to the Abbey San Galgano. It is this illustrious man who has inspired this grand and dramatic ground floor bedroom. In the colder months, have the fire lit in time for your arrival, flames glinting off the impressive marble fireplace and spectacular crystal chandelier.

    The room is completed with fully marble bathroom with separate bathtub and walk in shower, exclusive comforts such as linen bathrobes, exclusive toiletries and professional hair dryer. The room is equipped with working fireplace, satellite Lcd Flat screen TV & DVD player, iPad with concierge app and collection of music and dvd library, IPad docking, electronic safe, free wireless connection, phone in the room and bathroom, private air conditioning control, and a mini bar enriched with delicious local craft.

    Valle Serena

    Wonder over the stunning views of the Serene Valley or gaze into the fire whilst wearing nothing but bubbles in the free standing bath. The warm Tuscan sun shines on through the blue and gold tones of this opulent suite.

    The suite also has a separate bathroom housing a vast walk in shower, marble vanity unit and crystal chandelier decorated in a similarly graceful style.

    Santo Pietro Grand Suite

    The name Santo Pietro translate as ‘holy rock’ and it is perhaps apt that this suite should be the conerstone of Borgo. This suite is ideal for those wanting to escape into ultimate seclusion and is the most regal of all at Borgo.

    It is this suite that perhaps encapsulates the need for the service and passion that Borgo presents. Nowhere is it most ideal to be able to have your evening meal from the restaurant served in the privacy of your own suite. This suite stands alone at one end of the villa, giving you luxury and space in which to indulge in your own baroque fantasy.

    From the living room, throw open French doors leading onto a private balcony and drink in stunning views of the entire Valle Serena. Or rise from your slumber in the magnificant four-poster bed, with doors opening directly onto the balcony, the soft scent of roses greeting you good morning.

    The bathroom is equally sumptuous with a huge free-standing bath, two pedestal sinks and a seperate Roman style shower.

    Garden Suites

    La Mora

    The white washed stone walls and beams create a calm and pure ambiance in La Mora garden suite.

    With high ceilings and a drop crystal chandelier, light shines around the room, providing a feeling of serenity.


    Easy going luxury, space and light come together to provide laid back atmosphere at L’Ulivo garden suite. The pale dusty green reflects the olive trees, bringing the outside in.

    The suite opens onto a courtyard, with a central fountain, plantings and garden furniture, providing an equal balance of communal camaraderie amongst garden room guests, and privacy for individual couples seeking sanctuary.

    Il Melograno

    Understated luxury in muted ethereal tones softly soothe the eye at Il Melograno garden suite. Like its namesake, small bursts of pleasure can be found in the intricate and thoughtful detail.

    All three Garden Junior Suites open out onto a beautiful Mediterranean courtyard, with tables and sun lounges under lemon and orange trees, the fresh citrus scents waking the senses.


    Lovingly created to reflect authentic luxurious Italian style, the Basilico suite has a relaxing atmosphere and lots of space to unwind.

    Guests can step out from the bedroom into the garden to laze in the sun.


    Oak beams, stone floors, and mahogany four poster bed make this suite feel strong and masculine, yet still soft and comfortable.

    The crystal chandelier casts soft light over the room and through the doors to the free standing bathtub. Away from the main villa of Borgo, the Maggiorana garden suite is peaceful and enveloped by crafted gardens.


    The Tuscan stone walls and oak beams give a rustic charm to the Rosmarino suite.

    With an open fire, rich tapestry and luxurious furnishings, guests can be forgiven for wishing to remain in the privacy of their room, making the option of drinks and dinner being served there, all the more appealing.

    In the separate bathroom, soak the free standing bathtub whilst gazing out to the garden.

    La Casa dell’Unicorno

    The name pays homage to T. Hardie’s novel, House of the Wind, where Borgo is heart of the tale and gives clue to the mystical atmosphere of this ultimately secluded garden suite.

    Perfect for those wanting to disappear into a cocoon of sumptuous luxury with all the trademark touches that define the interior design stamp of Borgo.

    Velvets and gilts, lusciously-draped, plump curtain fabrics and luxuriant crystal-drop chandeliers lull guests into a relaxed envelope.

    Stepping outside French doors onto its own private garden, equally as primed and cared for as the gardens close to the main villa, the only distractions are the butterflies dancing over antique roses.

    Take in the scents of the garden, surrounded by bubbles, in the bath, and in a glass of the complimentary bottle of prosecco, in the large free-standing bath in the equally opulent bathroom.

    This suite is situated a pebble’s throw from the main villa but is a world away from real life and all it entails.

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    Meo Modo Restaurant

    Exquisite yet simple, thoughtful and nurtured. We promise to serve these things to you and let the quality and the freshness of the ingredients, tell their own story. All we add is our love and passion for food.

    We promise to know the journey of all of our ingredients, so the meats we serve are produced locally, on free range farms and the fish that we serve, turbot, red mullet, octopus and lobster, fresh from the mornings catch, arrives fresh from Mediterranean waters.

    Our gardeners tend to the organic orchards, kitchen and herb gardens all year round and produce a bounty of variety for our chefs to choose from. The land, gardeners and chefs work closely together to give you unique and delicious seasonal creations, almost as attractive to the eye as they are to the palate.

    Such is our love of homegrown and homemade produce, all of the bread, jams and yoghurts we serve at breakfast and alongside main dishes for lunch and dinner, are freshly made in our kitchen every single day.

    Chef Andrea Mattei and his “farm to plate” philosophy and dedication to serving only the finest ingredients has led him to obtain a Michelin star for “Meo Modo” in December 2015.

    Treehouse Bar

    When the Tuscan sun becomes weary, ascend into the canopy to discover the Treehouse Bar, enveloped by branches and rustic beamed rafters; a floating yet sturdy retreat. Shade from the heat in the cool balconied bar, curling up with a book on a chaise longue or letting the comfy sofas tempt you to a snooze.

    In the autumn when the temperature drops, welcome the warmth of an open fire and drink in the 180° panoramic view of the valley and forest.

    Set beside the pool, our bar is the ideal setting for casual cocktails and provides a refreshing alternative for a light lunch. Its more traditional Tuscan trattoria style offers dishes for all tastes.

    The Treehouse Bar and informal trattoria is open at 11am to closing. Our barman is on hand to lovingly prepare any cocktail to your taste or pour a drink of choice in accompaniment to your aperitif.

    Wine Cellar

    Tuscany is famous for it’s grapes and the cosy wine cellar at Borgo Santo Pietro, showcases an extensive wine list of the regions, and the old world’s, finest wines for you to enjoy.

    Our sommelier can provide expert suggestions and insights at the wine tasting sessions on offer.

    Dust off a vintage bottle of the famed Brunello di Montalcino, a product of a nearby Tuscan vineyard and of course, each glass can be accompanied by locally produced meats and cheeses to elevate flavours and notes.

    Years of ‘Camminare le Vigne’ has led us to a wine list that we are very proud of and believe captures Borgo’s ideas. ‘Walking the vineyards’ as Veronelli would have said, and talking with the winemakers is an approach we consider to be what makes our wine list a unique, loved and well researched proposal.

    This is why you won’t find many famous mainstream wines or winemakers in our list, as we choose what we love and most importantly, sticks to the traditions, history and culture of winemaking.

    Most of our wines are produced in an organic or biodynamic way, showing maximum respect for the process, from vineyard, right up to the bottle of wine on your table.

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    Tucked away amidst the healing herb gardens and flower meadows of Borgo Santo Pietro’s country estate near Siena you can now find the most heavenly and exclusive private spa.

    The new spa has been constructed from natural local stone and features elements of water, light, fire and earth. The interior includes an inviting lounge with two grand fireplaces, opulent chandeliers, flickering candles, oversized sofas, vaulted ceilings, arched windows and an abundance of fresh flowers collected daily from the spa gardens.

    With two individual treatment rooms and two additional al-fresco garden therapy rooms the spa’s terrace features stone fountains and views over the Tuscan herb gardens. The sun gently rises over the bulb garden and then slowly sets over the herb gardens, beautifully highlighting the statue of Buddha and the cascading fountains.

    Spa Manager Tracey Mallallieu explains about the spa’s philosophy… “The spa has been designed to offer an unforgettable experience to guests. We now have the space to offer more treatments and have introduced more holistic therapies such as the Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment, which involves gently pouring warm liquids over the forehead or ‘third eye’. A deeply meditative treatment, it has a balancing and calming effect. We also offer new organic therapies featuring the ‘heaven’ collection of luxury skincare products such as the ‘bee slim’ ritual and ‘bee sting’ facial. We are the only spa in Italy to offer this range of exclusive natural skincare products and the new treatments are proving very popular at Borgo. ”

    A wellbeing center for therapeutic healing the building is located on an ancient healing site originally used centuries ago by the Franciscan Monks. Using fresh herbs and raw ingredients from the gardens, the holistic therapies offered include Ayurvedic massage, bespoke facials, relaxing bodywork and classic beauty treatments.

    The atmosphere at Borgo Santo Pietro’s new boutique spa is utterly intoxicating, a heady mixture of scents, sounds and sensations all thoughtfully designed to restore the balance, refresh the energy and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.


    The cypress trees of the avenue are a cordial reception and bring you to the provoking gardens closest to the heart of the 13 acre hamlet and 100 acre estate (and soon to be 100 acre wine fields as well!), the villa of Borgo Santo Pietro.

    Weave your way through enchanted secret pathways, traditional Italian roses as spotlights of nature entice you on.

    Find open air privacy on luscious green lawns and refuge from the sun under the shelter of a pavilion.

    There is quiet seclusion in discovered grottos or courtyard congregation amongst aesthetic blossom of antique roses. Our roses, in their sheer number, are overwhelmingly evocative. Their welcome scent softly greets all those in their company.

    The Borgo Cooking School

    The Borgo Santo Pietro Cooking School sits in the heart of the Tuscan countryside surrounded by organic farmland, vineyards, olive groves and vegetable gardens.

    A center for all types of Tuscan cuisine, the Borgo Cooking School offers an extensive list of courses, classes and cooking workshops for foodies of all levels.

    Our team of skilled chefs and local cooks will guide you in the joy of cooking and whatever your skill level you will leave Borgo with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for experimenting in the kitchen.

    Our philosophy at the Borgo Cooking School is simple – we want to share a love of good food – Tuscan style. Enjoy the pleasure of nurturing, harvesting and eating locally grown Tuscan food in the most atmospheric and inspiring of Italian settings.

    Other Activities at Borgo

    Something for all tastes and energy levels. Borgo provides leisure or learning to be taken at your own pace.
    Take home more than just holiday stories from Borgo, take home newly acquired gastronomy skills, as taught by our expert chefs. Find the perfect accompaniment by sampling local wine, cheese or honey in tasting sessions on offer. Not forgetting the little chefs, who can learn the joys of home cooking in a fun and safe environment by the rustic pool bar.
    Capture the tranquillity and beauty of Borgo through art. Our resident artist is on hand to teach you to draw or paint. Create your own special memory with a personalized art lesson right on the grounds of Borgo Santo Pietro.
    Horse riding, archery, tennis, bocce, yoga, the list of activities enjoyed by children and adults alike goes on.

    TENNIS Lessons can be arranged.
    BADMINTON Racquets and shuttlecocks are available.
    CROQUET A croquet set is available.
    TABLE TENNIS Rackets and balls are available.
    ART LESSONS learn to paint with our resident artist
    FLOWER ARRANGING Learn about our flower garden and how to make your own beautiful bouquets
    GARDEN TOURS Enjoy our vast 100-acre grounds and 13-acre gardens with a personal tour from our head gardener and learn to infuse your own tea with freshly picked herbs
    ARCHERY With instructor only. Bows and arrows are available.
    BIKING Bikes are available.
    HIKING Boots and maps are available.
    HORSE RIDING For a map and to arrange a ride, please speak to reception.
    GOLF The beautiful Pelagone golf course only 45km away is ideal for golf lovers.
    PIZZA MAKING LESSONS for little chefs. Children are taught the joys of cooking homemade pizza in a fun and safe environment by the rustic pool bar. Please speak to Reception for more information and to arrange a fun kids cooking lesson.
    TOY BOXES For kids and babies can be prepared upon request.
    CHILDREN’S DVD’S AND BOOKS are located in the library (first floor lounge) in the bottom cupboard of the large bookshelf
    PLAYGROUND Situated in the far end of the garden the kids’ playground is filled with hours of fun, climbing frames and flying on swings.
    HONEY TASTING can be arranged in advance. Please speak to Reception.
    CINEMA PARADISO movie nights are held every Thursday evening in our gardens where we show classic Italian-themed films. Why not relax as the sun goes down with a glass of Prosecco and a selection of gourmet popcorn snacks whilst indulging in a must-see screening of your favourite classics.


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