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    With shimmering water in canals where streets would normally be, Venice truly is a city unlike any other. The dreamlike feel of this spectacular city can simply never be captured of photo or film or even explained, it has to be experienced. The fabulous palaces and churches reflect centuries of history in what was a wealthy trading center between Europe and the Orient. Now it seems strolling through the narrow alleyways with perhaps no idea of where you are heading is a quintessential part of exploring Venice. At some point you will almost surely end up in Piazza San Marco, the ideal place to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif but along the way you will find the most fascinating architecture, cobblestone passageways and the majestic canals flooded with the quaintest of gondolas. Venice is one of the most alluring cities in the world— no matter where you go, you will most certainly find history, beauty and romance.



    Private Gondola Ride

    Take a romantic adventure through the maze of enchanting passageways, past beautiful bridges and wonderful palaces while learning exciting things about Venice’s important sight all from your own private gondola.




    City Tours

    Explore the heart of both the religious and political power of Venice by visiting the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica with a fantastic knowledgeable guide or opt to enjoy the lighter sight of Venice with a exclusive private tour to the Murano and Burano Islands, once again with a qualified guide. Enjoy Murano’s famous authentic glass factories and Burano’s colourful houses as well as traditional lace-making.



    Tickets to the Opera or a Vivaldi show

    Teatro La Fenice is an opera house in Venice, Italy. It is one of “the most famous and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre”, and in the history of opera as a whole – allow us to secure a ticket for you to enjoy the opera at this splendid locale or alternatively a Vivaldi production in a Venetian church.






    Dinner and Club Reservations

    Enjoy the best of Venice by allowing us to reserve a private table for you at any exclusive restaurant or opt for a nightlife extravaganza at some lively clubs, lounges or bars subject to availability. Contact our Luxury Travel Specialist for recommendations on where to go while in Venice.




    Spring in Venice
    During March, April and May, Venice warms up quickly after its winter. Temperatures rise from a chilly 8°C in March to 17 or 18°C on average by the end of May, although nights are always cooler. Spring is a little rainy at times, with between 5-8 days of rain a month, but it’s nothing an umbrella can’t cope with. Take layered clothing to adjust to the changing temperatures, and something warm for the cooler evenings.

    Spring is a popular time to visit Venice as the temperatures are pleasant without being too hot, and the crowds of the summer have not yet arrived.

    Summer in Venice
    Summer is high season in Venice – be aware that the city can be absolutely packed out during these months. It also gets very hot and sticky. Daytime temperatures in the high 20s Celsius are normal, and the humidity is high. Evenings tend to hover at around the 18°C mark.

    During the summer months, Venice’s canals can be rather smelly, and there are a lot of bugs and biting insects. However, this is when the city’s events calendar comes alive, and there is always plenty to see and do. It’s the most expensive time to visit the city.

    Autumn in Venice
    September to November can be a wonderful time to visit Venice – the crowds of the summer have gone, and so have the insects, leaving a much more authentic version of the city for the traveller to explore. There are still may events going in the autumn months, including the Regata Storica in September.

    Take some warmer clothing if you are visiting Venice in the autumn. It can be a decidedly chilly in October and November, with daytime temperatures lower than 10°C, although September is usually still pretty warm. Night time temperatures drop rapidly as autumn progresses, so you’ll want a lightweight jacket as well as something waterproof.

    Winter in Venice
    Winter is a magical time to visit Venice, with Christmas lights twinkling on the water, Christmas markets and midnight mass at St Mark’s basilica. If you’re planning to visit Venice in the winter, take warm sweaters and a good coat, as daytime temperatures struggle up only as high as 3-4°C.